Essential features a corporate website must have

Essential features a corporate website must have

Websites play an integral role in reaching out people throughout the world. Every organisation, irrespective of scale under which it falls i.e. small, medium or large must have a website backed by an application. Websites help people from varied geographical location to reach you at any moment. It does not have any time limitation, marks your presence round the clock helping anyone communicate with your organisation. It enables people crawl through your company profile, products or services anytime, leaving their queries either through mail or forms available on the site. Corporate websites should be properly organised and have a decent appearance attracting readers not to leave your pages easily.

Besides, a website backed by an application automates internal operation of an organisation helping to create paper

Mentioned below are some essentials that is must for every website:

Home Page briefing overall activities of the company

This is the first page where viewers land upto. Homepage is similar to reception, where people get answered to their queries. Homepage must be planned, structured and presentable highlighting the company profile. The Homepage should be well connected with other inner pages persuading viewers to visit every page. The Homepage should comprise in brief company profile, activities, products & services, contact forms, contact details and a well designed site map directing viewers.

Product & Services page

This is page that specifies the products and services that your company deals with. Make sure each and every product is detailed from customers point of view. Services must be accompanied with of benefits, unique features, feasibility, etc. Make sure you are not missing out with the images of the products.

Company Profile page

This is the very important aspect of an organisation. People should be aware of your organisation, your objective, mission and vision. The page should also comprise employees policy, management team details, aims and objectives, etc.

A Career Page

A great career page briefing employee policies, modern human relationship tools and facilities offered encourages job seekers to apply in your organisation. To enhance footfalls keep an option to submit resume listing current vacancies and also giving a scope to apply for jobs for future reference. Proper contact details of recruiter must be present on this page, so that candidates can clear their queries. Candidate feedback also plays an important role in raising footfalls in your organisation.

Contact info

Do not miss out to display all contact information, including emails, phone numbers all over the website. Visitors always look for Contact Pages with valid emails or phone number. Make sure you incorporate a proper chat box, contact form redirecting to valid ids.


Proper sitemap should be placed in the site, which is the route map to proper pages in the website.

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