inCRM is an affordable, innovative, user friendly CRM software based on Open Source technology. The application is highly user-friendly, interactive and powered with advanced analytics helping organisations identify the right prospect. It is also enabled to strategize your organisation with latest trends of business, boosting sales. inCRM also makes easy to operationalize analytics meeting daily requirements of your business. Innovative coding based on Open Source has made the application lightweight with organised structural backbone. The application is scalable to be rectified meeting requirements any time.

Benefits of inCRM

Improved customer relations

Increase company revenue

Identifying prospective clients

Marketing campaigns, bulk e-mail, bulk SMS

Services to customers

Maximise upselling and cross-selling

Better internal communication

Optimize marketing


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helloCustomer segmentation

helloCampaign management

helloBulk SMS marketing

helloE-mail campaign management


helloInternet marketing



helloCustomer details

helloImport external customer data

helloFlexible search features in the database

helloAddress verification

helloSocial networking

helloOrganizational structure and charts



helloPayment / Compensation

helloLeave management

helloMeetings and certifications

helloGenerate online letters and data

helloOnline alerts

helloExport/Import facility



helloSales funnel analysis

helloCustomer potential analysis

helloSales cycle analysis

helloCustomer behavior analysis

helloLost order analysis

helloPortfolio analysis



inCRM: The All-Purpose CRM Software

inCRM’s huge range of features facilities its utility in different business industry. It is customizable and easdy to use application making it readily acceptable to organizations.

System Standards

Supported latest browsers with Adobe Flash Plugins: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Dedicated system/ servers

Adobe Flash

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8x, LINUX
(2.6x or higher), Fedora (23 or higher), Ubuntu
(16 or higher), Debian (6 or higher).

Required Commercial Software

XAMPP (version 1.7.3 or higher)

SMTP mail service

FTP service

Hardware platform requirements


Intel core i3 processor

Hard disk 500 GB

1 LAN port

If RAID enabled additional hard disk required

Performance & Environment Requirement

Internet connection

Power backup

Accessible HTTP service

System Standards

Supported latest browsers with Adobe Flash Plugins: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Dedicated system/ servers

Adobe Flash

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Software Requirements

Any Open Source based OS

Apache Web Server 2.2

MySQL 5.x

SMTP mail service

FTP service

Hardware Requirements


Intel Xeon Processor

Hard Disk 1 TB

2 LAN port

If RAID enabled additional hard disk required

Performance & Environment Requirement

Internet connection

Power backup

Accessible HTTP service

Operating System: Windows, LINUX, Mac OS

Database: MySQL

Application Environment: PHP 5.2.4 upwards, Apache Web Server, MS Server, Microsoft Internet

Supported Browser: Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above, Android

Modules: Admin Panel, document type, projects, browse, search, Document Viewer, Module Audit Trail, Document Audit Trail, Reports, Customized Dashboard

Integrated interface: SOAP, JSON, WebDAV, RPC

Technology: PHP, JSON search engine, Apache Web Server, XPDF PDF text extraction, Google Docs viewer, MySQL, MVC platform

Language: English

There are two ways of deploying inCRM depending on infrastructure and organisation’s size.

On the floor

Clients having a matured IT infrastructure with capable support system can own and deploy this model. POst purchase support is available through software support agreement (SSA).


Low TCO for large user base.

Can be used on existing LAN and VPN.

Perpetual licensing model.

On the cloud

inCRM on cloud is offered as an on demand service. The software is hosted on Cloud rather than on the server to reduce the IT maintenance hassles pertained to VPN and LAN network, making documents accessible from any location.


Small and medium organizations can deploy.

No maintenance hassles of hardware and network.

Our Softwares

inCRM: The most widely appreciated CRM software

inCRM is widely accepted by clients spreading all over the globe. It is uniquely incorporated with smart prediction system helping a business organisation to identify prospects and adopt right strategy for achieving sales goals.

National Clients
International Clients

Sky reaching Sales Analysis of inCRM

inCRM has penetrated in the Software Market achieving good sales score.The percentage of its capture from our client base is highlighted below.

Medical Sector
Manufacturing Industry
Service Industry

inCRM: Interactive in Mobile and Desktop platform parallely

inCRM comprises smart systems capable of analysing right prospects. It is specially programmed to strategize policies generating sales growth. It is incorporated with predictable analysis system changing negative leads to positive and also understand customer requirements. Knowing customer requirements enables a business to adopt ways to fulfill their needs and increase turnovers.

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inCRM is an Open Source based customizable software. As it is open source technology based it undergoes constant upgradation enriching its features and enhancing its security. inCRM is developed in a fashion that fits in all scale of industries small, medium or large MNCs.

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inCRM has a user-friendly interface accompanied by retina friendly colour schemes facilitating ease in usage of the application. inCRM dashboards are both desktop and mobile supportive making it interaction friendly for both agents and customers.

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inCRM is a customizable CRM system based on a simple architecture. The system architecture is simple and compact with clear code break up inside making it easily readable to programmers. The comprehensiveness makes the application customizable and can be shaped according to client’s requirements.

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inCRM is incorporated with smart programming systems capable of identifying positive leads and creating customised strategies to convert those leads. It also incorporates feedback system enabling your business to constantly stay in touch with customers and take their feedbacks.

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inCRM is an open-source based Customer Relationship Management, developed by sharp skillsets of Fixfin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Open Source technology has been escalating market since its launch It is this that forms the foundation of inCRM.

inCRM has been implemented in numerous large scale projects and is successfully running without any hangups or glitches till date. Our very…

Boost your Real-time customer service through inCRM!!

Gartner research specifies, importance of improving customer services for better business rising curve. Customer experience has already unseated price and product specifications as key brand differentiator.

Consumer’s willingness to opt for a product or service plays an important role in business. Cut throat market competition has upped the bar of sustention in market in terms of consumer care…


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