The wind of technology has blown enterprises towards prosperity. Technological gravity has influenced large number of industries and medicine is not excluded. Implementation of technology in medicine has been a great helping hands to the society, making it reach to people within few instances. Nowaday, getting appointment to doctors of choice or getting medical assistance is just few clicks away.

inDoc is a robust Clinic Management Software facilitating the flexibility of online appointment booking to patients. It removes the hassles of time consumption involved in manual booking or phone booking system. It has the provisions of online consultation and emergency booking. Patients may utilize the web based portal or mobile app from any location to get in touch with their preferred doctor. The application further initiates patients to choose appointment slots (timing) depending on their availability.

From technical point of view, inDoc is based on latest comprehensive technology widening its implementation array. In addition to this it is widely customizable, portable, deployable and interoperable application. Its user-friendly dashboard enables all users to easily operate the software with minimum complexity.

Technical advantages of inDOC

inDOC is built up on simple and strong architecture, that may be custom built depending on requirement.

inDOC independently supports, wide array of platform extending its execution functionality.

inDOC is easily scalable and modifiable to meet your requirement benefits.

inDOC is easily integrable with any application.


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helloFeatures for Patient

helloOnline appointment booking

helloEmergency / Premium appointment

helloFree online registration

helloFlexible appointment booking

helloOnline medical store

helloOnline payment system


helloFeatures for Doctors

helloProfile creation

helloOnline prescription generation

helloFacility to generate next appointment

helloMedicine details in stock

helloHistory details of an old patient

helloPending payment details for doctors


helloFeatures for Admin

helloApproving a new patient’s profile

helloSlot generation for doctors

helloAppointment confirmation

helloDeleting a patient profile

helloSending SMS regarding appointment

helloDealing with queries sent by patients


helloFeatures for Super-Admin

helloOpening doctor’s profile

helloDeleting doctor’s profile

helloDeleting a patient profile

helloCreating admin under him/her

helloPayment status for doctors

helloReport of revenue generation



inDOC: The All-Purpose DOC Software

inDOC’s huge range of features facilities its utility in different business industry. It is customizable and easdy to use application making it readily acceptable to organizations.

System Standards

Supported latest browsers with Adobe Flash Plugins: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Dedicated system/ servers

Adobe Flash

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8x, LINUX
(2.6x or higher), Fedora (23 or higher), Ubuntu
(16 or higher), Debian (6 or higher).

Required Commercial Software

XAMPP (version 1.7.3 or higher)

SMTP mail service

FTP service

Hardware platform requirements


Intel core i3 processor

Hard disk 500 GB

1 LAN port

If RAID enabled additional hard disk required

Performance & Environment Requirement

Internet connection

Power backup

Accessible HTTP service

System Standards

Supported latest browsers with Adobe Flash Plugins: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Dedicated system/ servers

Adobe Flash

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Software Requirements

Any Open Source based OS

Apache Web Server 2.2

MySQL 5.x

SMTP mail service

FTP service

Hardware Requirements


Intel Xeon Processor

Hard Disk 1 TB

2 LAN port

If RAID enabled additional hard disk required

Performance & Environment Requirement

Internet connection

Power backup

Accessible HTTP service

Operating System: Windows, LINUX, Mac OS

Database: MySQL

Application Environment: PHP 5.2.4 upwards, Apache Web Server, MS Server, Microsoft Internet

Supported Browser: Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above, Android

Modules: Admin Panel, document type, projects, browse, search, Document Viewer, Module Audit Trail, Document Audit Trail, Reports, Customized Dashboard

Integrated interface: SOAP, JSON, WebDAV, RPC

Technology: PHP, JSON search engine, Apache Web Server, XPDF PDF text extraction, Google Docs viewer, MySQL, MVC platform

Language: English

There are two ways of deploying inDOC depending on infrastructure and organisation’s size.

On the floor

Clients having a matured IT infrastructure with capable support system can own and deploy this model. POst purchase support is available through software support agreement (SSA).


Low TCO for large user base.

Can be used on existing LAN, VAN and VPN.

Perpetual licensing model.

On the cloud

inDOC on cloud is offered as an on demand service. The software is hosted on Cloud rather than on the server to reduce the IT maintenance hassles pertained to VPN and LAN network, making documents accessible from any location.


Small and medium organizations can deploy.

No maintenance hassles of hardware and network.

OPEX model with no capital investment.

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Benefits of inDOC

User friendly interface with fast learning curve.

Robust application platform – backed by MVC.

Cloud and web based, enabling flexible access, sharing viewing and usage on any device even outside the organisation.

Easy integration with the existing legacy system with no installation hassles.

Supports all types of digital objects, multiple document types and extensions.

Provision for further addition and customization of extensions.

Work Experience

We comprise of high skill set of developers who have in depth expertise in boatload of Open source technologies. We strive to bring new innovation in every application, making them feature enriched. inDOC has turned to be the most recommended application by our clients for its unique features. It’s integrability is top graded which makes it executable on all platforms. inDOC’s growth curve is growing exponentially high making it one of the rated software in the market.

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