Fixfin Technologies Private Limited has expanded its footprint with its remarkable software services. Some of our exclusive services that has been satisfying clients round the globe are described below. We aim to deliver solutions, that boosts your business to meet profit curve.

Custom Web Application Development

Our team of experts are well versed in understanding your requirements and delivering the best application that suits your taste. We study your requirements and convert your thoughts to reality with our modern coding techniques. Our codes are designed in a fashion so that your software may be customised easily in future as your business grows. Addition, deletion or any other kind of modification in future do not hamper the other sections and may the newly added specifications are delivered in no time.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have escalated demand in the market. Our well experienced team in mobile development have created innovative apps that are sleek and easy to handle. Our team is creative and innovative to make any kind of apps that comes under your requirement. These applications are made flexible and compatible for every category of mobile phones. Mobile applications have become a part of our daily needs be it education, booking tickets, banking sector and so on including our everyday groceries that can be home delivered.

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Website Development

We are a team of professionals building quality websites meeting your requirements. We offer services to schools, industries, banks, company, NGO, society, tourism, hospitals, hospitality and a never ending list. We have created boatload websites from all domains. We are responsive in our approach to your needs and present customizable budgets . The websites built by us are never too rigid or complex when it comes to modification.

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E-commerce Development

While the globe is getting captured with mobile technology at an unlimited pace, utilising this technology for commerce and trade is not left behind. Technology has amalgamated with commerce giving birth to the innovative e-commerce technology. E-commerce development has been a rising trend and our team has years of expertise in bring out innovative ecommerce solutions. As an e-commerce and shopping site development company, our developers conveys successful and effectual e-commerce solutions for various enterprises belonging to different fields.

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Online Application Development

Online application are those that have a specific URL and are web address based for the user. It is developed to help users even in the remotest part of the world to get access to the particular application. The trends in modern times is highly tilted towards online application development when it comes to major or small league companies. In the future all things that we need will simply turn to online basis and for that we need only a couple of things, a good internet connection and the web.

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Offline Application Development

Depending upon client’s requirement, we create offline applications that fulfils your organizational requirements. The applications are tailored in a fashion to automatize all functions that your business deals with through a LAN network and not available on the web. Since many companies prefer offline applications due to their data security and keep sensitive information private rather than public, we help them as offline application providers.

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Services We Deal in

  • Application for Schools
  • Applications for Colleges
  • Applications for Institutes
  • Online Library Management Systems
  • Online Book Store
  • Web Classroom Systems
  • Student Attendance Management Systems
  • Online Examination Systems
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Online Bed Booking Systems
  • Online Appointment Management Systems
  • Online Medical Assistant System for Emergencies
  • Online communication systems with Medical Practitioners
  • Staff Management Systems
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Payroll Management Systems
  • Attendance and Leave Management System
  • Online Accounting Systems
  • Financial Management Systems
  • POS systems
  • Retail Billing Software
  • Online Reservation Systems
  • Online Cab Booking Systems
  • Online Hotel Booking Systems
  • Document Management Systems