Keeping in mind the rhythm of workflow of various organisations, Fixfin Technologies have created product suiting organisation’s work and meeting their requirements. Some of the products boosting business flow are described below:

inCRM is an affordable, innovative, user friendly CRM software based on Open Source technology. The application is highly user-friendly, interactive and powered with advanced analytics helping organisations identify the right prospect. It is also enabled to strategize your organisation with latest trends of business, boosting sales. inCRM also makes easy to operationalize analytics meeting daily requirements of your business. Innovative coding based on Open Source has made the application lightweight with organised structural backbone. The application is scalable to be rectified meeting requirements any time.

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inERP is a meticulously developed ERP solution streamlining complex business operations of organisations. With advanced business intelligence, smart accounting software and other tools for business process improvement, inERP works excellently to streamline business processes and provides businesses with actionable insights to help them stay ahead of their competitors. inERP is fully scalable and customizable designed to cater specific enterprise management needs of business making it one of the leading ERP solutions.

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Incorporating technology in the field of education has taken education steps up higher, bringing down visualised learning scope for all. Visualised learning enables young brain to understand and grasp concepts at root level giving them a clear picture of the subjects they are learning. It also brings an interest towards academic helping their brains to develop in a fun learning way. Coming to the technical aspect of inSkill, it is based on PHP backboned by customizable feature. inSkill provides an environment through which all tasks including curricular, co-curricular, payroll, administration, marketing, transport all can be managed under one roof.

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inBill is an organised structured, excellently managed and highly user-interactive Billing Software empowered with GST calculations. inBill is widely supported on large number of platforms enhancing its flexibility and increasing domain of use. It is web based, deployable both on a local server and on cloud. inBill covers all accounts, invoice generation, finance under an integrated structure. Implementation of inBill absolutely automates organisational tasks giving you the flexibility to generate bills, invoices at a very short span of time. The software is modifiable at any point of time.

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inDOC is a web based polyclinic software enhancing medical assistant to patients from any location. inDOC turns to be a pivotal innovation in the field of medical science as it frees one from the hassles of long queues waiting for appointment. Patients can get in touch with their doctor of choice at any moment with the help of internet. The application further extends the provision to get their doctor’s appointment as of their convenience. Restricted access grants and web based security incorporated has high security access. The portal highlights special features for patients, doctors, admin and super-admin depending on their role levels.

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inDMS is a widely feature enriched document management software handling large volumes of data, documents, media and image files. inDMS automates the task of managing large number of documents reducing manual errors and challenges in maintaining hard copy files. Its enhanced feature of supporting multiple platforms gives it freedom to be interoperable, installed and executed anywhere. As based on Open source, inDMS is cost-optimising and easy to maintain. inDMS comes up with portability option as it is available in the form of mobile application. This feature further enhances its accessibility and user-friendliness.

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