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Essential features a corporate website must have

Websites play an integral role in reaching out people throughout the world. Every organisation, irrespective of scale under which it falls i.e. small, medium or large must have a website backed by an application. Websites help people from varied geographical location to reach you at any moment. It does not have any time limitation, marks your presence round the clock helping anyone communicate with your organisation. It enables people crawl through your company profile, products or services anytime, leaving their queries either through mail or forms available on the site. Corporate websites should be properly organised and have a decent appearance attracting readers not to leave your pages easily. Besides, a website backed by an application automates internal operation of an organisation helping to create paper Mentioned below are some essentials that is must for every website: Home Page briefing overall [...]

How an ERP software enhances business profit margin?

At present we are living in a world that is defined by the continuously evolving changes around us. Failing to adapt to changes have led many business giants to fail and have a shutdown rather than reaching their goals. To cope up with the ever changing market needs and demands implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning in an organization can be enormously productive to improve the efficiency and boost the growth of the organization. Accurate calculations or formulating strategies plays a very important role in the growth of an enterprise and helps them in deciding their future course of action. Through ERP there is no need of maintaining manual records in an organization. This provides the immediate access to data thereby reducing the period in formulating timely strategies and decisions. The employees of a concern are better able to access the data [...]

How people are benefitted through online shopping?

In the present day we cannot imagine our lives without internet. It is no longer a whim but has become a daily part of our lives with its penetration in every sector. It has also redefined the very essence of shopping through numerous online shopping websites with a variety of benefits. The convenience of shopping anytime and anywhere has come true online shopping. Or else where could we find a store that is open 24 hours and serves us according to our own sweet time and ways. They offer the cheapest and reasonable prices on genuine products on their websites. Moreover they come up with unique sales strategies on prices that one could just dream in a departmental store or a mall. The products or services are directly sent to the clients without any middleman being involved. The best part is [...]

Prospects of implementing Document Management Software in an enterprise

Office documents increases in number as the organisation grows. Hence, in gradual days managing hard copy of documents becomes tough as it gets confusing on how to manage these documents. So, it is very essential to have a computerised system of creating and managing large number of files and documents. Secondly, in case of hard copy documents, the primary concern is security. Essential sensitive files should be prevented from mishandling or tampering. Maintaining heavy notebooks and files raises questions regarding their safety. In that case, password protected or encrypted files protects documents from tampering or loss. inDMS is a Document Management System which is uniquely built to handle ample official files and manage them under highly secured protocols. The entire package is richly secured protecting sensitive documents and data. It occupies 0 space reducing ambiguity and enabling technology oriented approach towards [...]

Importance of websites for enterprises in today’s date

Social media in today’s date plays a crucial role in judging not only a person but an enterprise as a whole. Browsing through websites just to pass one’s leisure time is no longer valid these days, instead each website browsed by an individual is a step towards their benefits. Basically in layman’s term websites are no longer just an option for large MNC’s but a necessity for growing companies. The website of an enterprise gives an insight about the company to the client. Social media through a website is an excellent marketing strategy that are adopted by companies to reach out to a large number of clients with minimum complexities. It places prominence on the large and growing infrastructure of the consistent modular process. This allows the enterprise complex free sets at the same time allowing the marketing team [...]

Benefits of implementation of applications in business

In this jet age the implementations of applications in business has become the mother of all necessities irrespective of the category to which the industry belongs. Applications have painted a new picture in the entire market scenario not only because of their efficiency but because of the stiff edge competition in the market. Computer system applications can be highly utilized for maintaining a variety of accounting functions that includes right from an employee’s payroll to the tracking of customer and vendor payments and revenues that creates a huge impact on the fiscal health of the business. With the right kind of application organizations can emerge as the forerunners in their category. It leads to better communication not only among the client and the organization but also between two or multiple organizations. This minimizes the misconception in and out of [...]

Online Medical Appointment Booking System

inDOC is a robust a web based online clinic appointment booking system that is developed by sharp skill sets of Fixfin Technologies Private Limited. inDOC created an excellent impression, facilitating online medical appointment system. They initiated medical facility within the reach of our hands. This is an immense contribution to the welfare of people needing medical aid at any point of time. This is the only polyclinic software, offering advanced treatment services within minimal budget. Benefits of Online Clinic Management System Patients can book their doctor of choice from anywhere. This prevents long wait in queue and non connections as in phone booking. Feasible and within reach of every patient. Emergency booking provision for quick medical assistance. Cashless transaction can be made through online payment. Online consultation with doctor who is monitoring a patient. Features of inDOC Features for patient Controlling multiple doctors Online appointment booking with your [...]

One complete solution for all business problems!! is a one step ahead website developed by Fixfin Technologies Private Limited.The sight highlights all solutions we deal and deliver to our valuable clients. We deal in: Website development Web Application development School ERP development E-commerce website development Mobile application development ERP development CRM customization & development services Why choose team We strategize clients requirement in a way that delivers to be not only a complete business solution but also initiates a good ROI. Our technologies are based on Open Source giving you full freedom of developing, customizing, integrating and utilising the software cost-effectively. Our strong service support is constantly working to give you the best solution support anytime anywhere. Every application is mobile application supportive. The softwares we deliver are free to be executed on any mobile platform. Quality assurance is a prime factor that we believe. Our strong team of tester continuously evaluates for perfection and accuracy [...]

Tour to inCRM.. A comfortable CRM journey to reach your business goals!!

inCRM is an open-source based Customer Relationship Management, developed by sharp skillsets of Fixfin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Open Source technology has been escalating market since its launch It is this that forms the foundation of inCRM. inCRM has been implemented in numerous large scale projects and is successfully running without any hangups or glitches till date. Our very valuable clients have expressed their utmost satisfaction using their applications based on inCRM. Developers at Fixfin Technologies continuously research on inCRM to upgrade it. New features are incorporated very frequently, upgrading the latest version of inCRM. We are glad to bring into the market its new releases every 3 months like no other CRM software. Feature highlights of inCRM: General features On premise client/server solution On premise web based solution Basic configuration of user rights Multiple language support Integration with Office Software Integration with Groupware application Integration with ERP system Integration with [...]